Internet Pancreatic Cancer SOS Privacy Protection Statement.

Pancreatic Cancer SOS is brought to you by the Seena Magowitz Foundation. It funds pancreatic cancer research for innovative treatments that intend to save and extend lives. It also creates awareness of the risks and symptoms to help the general public detect pancreatic cancer at its earliest detection when it is most treatable. A particular objective is helping with ways to help reduce the chances of the healthy from getting pancreatic cancer.

Privacy Practice 1: Required Registration of Pancreatic Cancer Patients and Their Caregivers

Pancreatic Cancer SOS Virtual Online Sessions via Zoom is restricted to verified pancreatic cancer patients and their respective “family” caregivers. Each interested participant must submit a registration form for purpose of vetting your member request. Our Moderators and Administrator will perform vetting processes and will advise member requests of member approval or decline via return email after the vetting process.

The strict enforcement is to help protect the approved membership from invasion by illegitimate users.

Privacy Practice 2: We Do Not Share Personal Information With Third Parties

For your security we do not share or sell registered member information to third-third parties. We will consider sharing sources of medical experts at the request of approved patient and caregiver members. However we do not guarantee the results of any referral.

Privacy Practice 3. We Prohibit Approved Members With Sharing Access Information With Non Approved Members

Any previously approved member that is discovered to violate the guideline is subject to removal as a member.

Privacy Practice 4: Moderators and Administrators Will Always Be Openly Published On The Website

Our Moderators and Administrators will always be identified on this website. Moderators are mostly pancreatic cancer patients, long term survivors, or professional licensed medical experts in various fields related to pancreatic cancer diagnosis, surgery, treatments, knowledge of risk factors and symptoms. We encourage potential members to visit Our Moderators and Administrative Page for informative detail.

Privacy Practice 5: Guest Leaders of Medical Related Topics

We do invite licensed medical experts to lead scheduled topic discussions related to pancreatic cancer. Medical experts could be medical doctors, oncologists, surgeons, researchers, treatment specialists, registered dietitians, nurse practitioners that offer pain control methods and psychologists that would provide suggestions of overcoming emotional and anxiety issues.

Privacy Practice 6. Maintaining a List of Registered Approved Members

We maintain a list of Registered Members with phone numbers or email addresses to inform members of upcoming session vents.

Privacy Practice 7. Non-Member Public Users May Use Website Published Informative Information

However, non-members may not participate in online virtual scheduled sessions.

Privacy Notification 8: Some Scheduled Virtual Sessions May Be Converted To Video and Publicly Posted

Some sessions would be of informative value in educating society on ways to reduce the chances of getting pancreatic cancer. We will attempt to advise member participants on those online sessions that will be converted to video and published. However, we cannot guarantee that any sessions converted to video will not always be noticed prior to the respective online session.

Privacy Practice 9: We Do Not Use Cookies On This Website

We do not place cookies relating to embedded tracking technologies that process personal data from end users.

Privacy Practice 10: Links To Other Sites and Videos

We do provide links to other informative websites, but we do not guarantee or warranty specific values derived.