About Our Pancreatic Cancer SOS Support Group

Focused On The Wellness Of Pancreatic Cancer Patients

Shock. Anxiety, Anger, Fear, Anxiety, Disbelief. Imagine the distress of being told you have pancreatic cancer. It is a most brutal cancer with the lowest survival rates. It ranks third in all cancer related deaths behind lung cancer and colorectal cancers.

Becoming a member of our virtual, online community of pancreatic cancer patients provides a safe place for patients to share their experiences, get valuable insight on how to cope with having pancreatic cancer not only from other patients but medical experts as well. We are a pancreatic cancer support group that places emphasis on “SOS” immediate concerns and how to cope with the adverse effects of having pancreatic cancer.

Our pancreatic cancer support group is free to join and open to all pancreatic cancer patients regardless of where they were diagnosed or receiving treatment.

Our SOS Pancreatic Support Group is Held Virtually Online Via ZOOM

Initially our online sessions are held once per month and will be expanded to multiple sessions per month as our membership expands. Our SOS Pancreatic Cancer Support Group provides the following informative benefits:

> Helps patients communicate better with their doctors, medical teams, and loved-ones.
> Eases  the anxieties of coping with pancreatic cancer. Promotes emotional comfort.
> Empowers patients with practical information about treatments and expectations.
> Offers information about sources of financial assistance of various purposes.
> Reduces anxieties, stresses of coping with distress and loneliness.

Our Facebook Group Pancreatic Cancer Support Group

Besides our Monthly Virtual Online SOS Pancreatic Cancer Sessions, we also feature a Facebook Group which permits patients to continue dialog 24/7.

Click here to become a member of our Facebook Pancreatic Cancer Group Page

Brought To You By The Seena Magowitz Foundation

Besides sponsoring the SOS Pancreatic Support Group, the Foundation specializes in funding crucial Pilot Clinical Trials that intend to seek life-saving innovative treatment. It also spreads public awareness om ways to help avoid getting this brutal disease by minimizing risk factors and emphasizing the critical importance of genetic counseling and testing. Pancreatic cancer is a heredity disease caused by genetic mutations. Blood relatives and offspring of pancreatic cancer patients should be genetically tested to find out if they may be carrying the culprit gene mutation that may predispose them to getting pancreatic cancer.

The Foundation brings pancreatic cancer patients together with some of the world’s most renowned pancreatic cancer experts once a year at its main annual event.

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Kay Kays:Lead Moderator
A 29-Year Pancreatic Cancer Survivor

Pancreatic Cancer SOS is a service of the Seena Magowitz Foundation
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