What To Expect At Our Virtual Pancreatic Cancer SOS Meetings
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A diagnoses of pancreatic cancer brings a myriad of both physical and emotional distress. The community of those inflicted with the worst of all cancers with the worst survival rate can share experiences that have traveled the same waters.

Our Mission: At no charge we strive to educate and empower patients to enhance their well-being.

In addition, we will include a few medical professionals that will enlighten patients to pose questions of their respective cancer care teams. Our medical professionals provide awareness only and is not a substitute to accessing your own medical advice.

The Roles of Pancreatic Cancer SOS Staff


1. Administrator: Brandon LaVere

As Administrator he will handle the back-end programming including updating topics of future monthly meeting. If you need advance assistance in loading Zoom to your device, send Brandon LaVere an email.

2. Moderators: There will be several depending upon session topic.

Generally they will be pancreatic cancer patients and often will include related medical experts.

3. Length and Duration of Pancreatic Cancer SOS Sessions.

Each monthly session will vary on length/duration and could include topic panelists. Open Q&A forms will always be included. As Members please be on time so we can compact as much substance as possible.

Zoom Meeting Format

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